Support and Managed Services

Support – In an effort to better serve our clients, we offer post-production support and managed services on every application and project we deploy. These services go beyond the support offered by our software partners, which typically only address application functional errors. When it comes to questions and support specific to your unique models in production, there is nobody more qualified to handle that then the team that builds and integrates them everyday.

Our support team can address the following issues and more:

  • Systems engineering/environmental issues
  • Analyst Model Building (minor enhancements and troubleshooting)
  • Data model deployment
  • Performance troubleshooting
  • ‘How Do I?’ question assistance
  • Inbound/Outbound data assistance (minor enhancements and troubleshooting)
  • Application error troubleshooting

Managed Services – Companies of all sizes face increasing challenges in their IT organizations. Smaller organizations may lack the appropriate technical resources, hardware, and best-practices, while larger organizations are challenged with numerous implementations, and stakeholders. Add to this the administrative overhead needed for license compliance, and you have a compelling case for managed services such as:

  • Daily application administration
  • Maintaining and managing data dimensions
  • Hierarchy maintenance and updates
  • Process validation and reconciliation
  • Validating and reconciling data loads
  • Reviewing processing errors
  • Report and input template issue review
  • Resolving reporting issues
  • Security maintenance and testing
  • Maintaining and managing user security
  • System documentation updates
  • Performing backups in compliance with policy
  • Manage software vendor support tickets
  • Installing fix packs