Operational Analytics and Reporting

Operational Analytics and Reporting provides leaders with the ability to manage the effectiveness of operational centric business activities, initiatives and processes to a common set of goals and objectives. Harnessing the full potential of IT assets, projects, resources and services for maximum business value.

Our Operational Analytics & Reporting solutions provide our clients with the ability measure and monitor results, and adjust quickly to market changes.

  • Enterprise Reporting and Analytics – develop operational dashboards, reports and analyses across business units and departments to enable better management of revenue, costs, and operational process improvements.
  • Enterprise Profitability – provide insight into profitability by customer segment, product, channel and other dimensions to drive customer service, product features, headcount, marketing promotion, and supplier decisions, among others.
  • Pricing and Discounting – set your prices based upon the value you provide and understand when and where you need to discount.
  • Cost Modeling and Allocation – create accurate cost models that feed overall profitability models.