Integrated Financial Performance Management and Analytics

Whether your finance team needs to be more integrated with the business, to reduce costs of operations, to streamline processes – such as financial consolidations and the monthly close – or to increase compliance and control, we can help transform your Finance organization into the performance backbone of your company:

  • Financial Management Assessment and Roadmap – review existing financial management processes, organization structures and applications to establish a baseline of capabilities. Create a roadmap that defines the vision for financial management; aligns financial goals with strategy; identifies the changes required to achieve the vision.
  • Financial Consolidation and Reporting – drive effective closing and consolidations, through an integrated project that includes proven techniques, best practices, and enabling technology designed to increase the speed, reduce the cost, and improve the reliability of the close.
  • Management Reporting and Analysis – provide the foundation of information needed to support performance management. align information and reporting with strategic and operational decision making.
  • Driver Based Planning – create driver based Sales/Revenue models, labor Supply and Demand, Project Allocations, SG&A, and other models that predict and support full financial statement and operational performance based on key performance drivers.
  • Collaborative Enterprise Planning – implement planning solutions to improve accuracy, manage workflow, and reduce planning costs across the enterprise.
  • Scenario Forecasting – create forecasts across the enterprise based on key performance drivers that allow business executives to evaluate multiple ‘what-if’ scenarios inside rolling forecasts.
  • Financial Data Management – develop and maintain a common financial language for the organization; standardize and align chart of accounts, reporting structures, performance indicators, and other critical financial information.