Application Health Checks and Performance Tuning

It’s important to evaluate your applications regularly to ensure they are meeting your growing business needs. Our Health Check delivers a comprehensive post-implementation review and assessment of your analytical applications in the areas of performance, design, security, maintenance, and administration.

Health Check and Tuning Deliverables
This service provides detailed documentation along with recommendations and a plan to improve your application performance in order to get more from your investment. Deliverables include:

Assessment Documentation

  • Findings & risk assessment of your applications, environment, & processes
  • Improvement recommendations for performance, design, security, administration, maintenance, and support

Quick Fixes

  • During the course of the health check our consultants will correct any quick fixes than can be made within the application on the spot

Recommended Training & Mentoring Documentation

  • Detailed analysis of skill gaps and education needs and suggestions any knowledge transfer needed to support, use, and maintain your applications

Health Check Remediation Plan

  • Detailed plan and timeline with prioritization of the recommended enhancements, changes, guidance on how to implement those changes, schedule, and resource plan.