Cloud SaaS Readiness and Deployment

Our Cloud Readiness and Deployment service is a collaborative workshop that delivers insights on the cloud options that align best with your business and application requirements, provides our shared knowledge, lessons learned from previous migrations and provides a concise cloud adoption roadmap. During the workshop, our consultants will work with your organization to assess and understand your on-premises applications, environment, and architecture. Then provide an analysis of those applications ability to a be migrated to a cloud environment.

Outputs from Cloud Readiness Workshop include recommendations and documentation

in the following:

  • Cloud readiness GAP assessment report
  • Plan to remediate GAPs, map and migrate the desired applications to the cloud
  • Prioritized cloud migration roadmap
  • Proposed cloud architecture design: technologies supporting data lifecycle and integration
  • Quality and supporting management methods, metrics, measures, etc.

Equip your organization with the knowledge necessary to decide if a cloud-based solution, either multi-tenant or private cloud, is suitable for your organization.

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