Enterprise Analytics Roadmap and Implementation

Our enterprise analytics roadmap provides a comprehensive analysis of the current state of information management in order to evaluate your readiness. We analyze experience, skills, processes, initiatives and projects to provide deployment scenarios for enterprise analytics and provide a plan for an analytics deployment roadmap.

The Analytics Roadmap methodology includes the following topics and outputs:

  • Collaborative benchmark assessment workshop
  • Evaluate and prioritize opportunities in line with your goals; design initial analytics initiative scenarios that are high-benefit and ready to implement
  • Perform high-level information management analysis for targeted analytical data mapping
  • Review of infrastructure and gap analysis recommendations and documentation in the following:
    • Create a high-level plan for mapping and migrating the relevant data streams for analytics initiative scenarios
    • Determine data life cycle and value: origination, storage, management, usage and retirement
    • Security, access control and privacy
    • Propose an architecture design: supporting technologies and data integration
    • Define quality and supporting management methods, metrics, measures, etc.