Our Media and Entertainment analytics solutions help organizations increase their agility in an industry and market that changes faster then any other. We have helped build solutions for Box Office Revenue predictive analytics & Series ultimates analytics that capture and report on audience information from multiple sources.

Industry Experience

Box Office Revenue
Box Office Revenue Analytics

Business Challenge – In order to understand and improve the companies performance benchmarks and market penetration. Our client needed to collect and analyze theater & box office data to helps them understand their performance metrics such as:

  • % of ticket sales by equipment type
  • % of ticket sales in theaters using the clients technology
  • Showtime thresholds for best ticket sales
  • Ticket sales by locations
  • Revenue by theater, by location, by equipment, by film titles
Series Ultimates Reporting

Business Challenge – There are many challenging issues involved in managing finances within media and entertainment. As production and marketing costs increase, so does the financial risks associated with media production and distribution. The standard for “Ultimate” reporting within the industry include estimates of revenues from all markets and territories where evidence exists that revenue occurs. These can include revenues attributed to theater releases, home video sales, licensing sales to broadcast or cable networks, and sale of consumer products. In some cases, income from sources such as video games, internet streaming, and portable player downloads—may be included, if the studio can estimate those. Our client needed to be able to systematically deliver Ultimate reporting from varies data sources and quickly generate reporting that executives can use to drive key decisions.

Series Ultimate Reporting