We provide Life Science, Pharmaceutical and Medical Device enterprises with analytical solutions that improve budgeting, forecasting, and planning, and increase insights into clinical trials data, improve operational efficiencies, manufacturing, and supply chain analysis.

Industry Experience

Life Sciences

We understand the regulatory environment in Life Sciences is increasingly data driven, and the level of transparency being required by the industry is one many organizations may find daunting. Our consultants have delivered performance management solution across all areas of the enterprise in Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, and Medical Device organizations, as result we know-how to implement business changing solutions for your organization.

Improving strategic and financial planning.
Strategic and Financial Planning

Budgeting and Forecasting Technology must expedite the process with each organization empowered to manage their own processes with a consistent set of business drivers, reporting, performance metrics, and time management. This enables a quick reaction to market conditions, and should provide the ability to rapidly test business strategies.

Long Range Planning Capital investment decisions in Life Sciences require long-term horizons; much longer than many other industries. While Long Range Plans can be devised in spreadsheets integrating those Long Range Plans and cascading them into shorter, more detailed models is difficult without the proper tools and processes. Our consultants have implemented these solutions and know-how to deliver them for your organization.

Operational Excellence

Inventory Management Outsourcing, Vendor Managed Inventory, Cold Chain Management and Distribution Channel inventory all help to complete the Life Sciences inventory picture. Our consultants have delivered inventory management analytics solutions to help our clients understand inventory levels and optimize supply planning activities.

Supply Chain Optimization Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology companies are working more and more with third party suppliers, manufacturers and packagers.  Optimizing the supply chain requires enterprise level data integration with data both inside and outside the organization.

Quality By Design – A Life Sciences industry based on Quality by Design principles is a foregone conclusion. We work with our clients to understand and implement solutions that help them measure quality by process, and product. Critical to this process is a diverse data set that must be consolidated quickly to provide a holistic process view.

Improving Manufacturing in Life Sciences