We understand the unique industry challenges our clients face when deploying, and optimizing enterprise analytics. Our industry specific experience allows our consultants to understand their business.  This allows us to quickly overcome the single largest failure point in technology oriented projects: the disconnect between the needs of the business unique to the industry, and the implementation of technology.

Industry Experience

Life Sciences

Life Sciences organizations have large volumes of disparate data sources. As a result, managing both performance and regulatory requirements can prove to be a significant challenge. Our Life Sciences experience helps organizations optimize the resources they have and better align their time and skills with the value of the organization. > Learn More

Media and Entertainment

Media and Entertainment audience growth is only achievable by being able to systematically measure and manage  audience experiences. Analytics can help organizations continuously capture and report on audience analytics from multiple sources. Our Media and Entertainment solutions help organizations increase their agility in an industry and market that changes faster then any other. > Learn More


Payors, patients, and care providers are demanding greater accountability and demonstration of value for their healthcare investment. We provide healthcare organizations with the tools, techniques, and advice they need to deliver that accountability. We enable healthcare providers to tap into the benefits of the information available to them for cross-functional planning and analysis to be more accurate, efficient, and effective in the care they provide. > Learn More


Insurance organizations have large numbers of members, often numbering in the millions. Providers and Payers amass huge amounts of data that can be used for a wide variety of applications, such as analyzing and managing costs, improving efficiency, addressing changes customer demographics, reduce underwriting risk while meeting the rigors of a more regulated insurance environment. > Learn More