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Data Analytics Audio Book

When you download the case study we’ll send you the audio book Data Analytics. Learn how you can use this intelligence to transform your business and gain insights into how managers can use data to drive their business.

Client Overview

This client is innovator and licensor of advanced theater, cinema, and consumer electronic visual projection systems. Their technology is used in thousands of screens in over 70 countries around the world. Over 1.5 billion people have viewed hundreds of blockbuster movies using their technology.

Business Challenge

Since early 2000’s our client’s business has grown significantly. Along with that growth, the company has benefited from increasing ability to capture market and customer data. The growth of that data has brought new opportunities, as well as new challenges. In order to understand and improve the companies performance benchmarks and market penetration. Our client needed to collect and analyze theater & box office data to helps them understand their performance metrics such as:

  • % of ticket sales by equipment type
  • % of ticket sales in theaters using the clients technology
  • Showtime thresholds for best ticket sales
  • Ticket sales by locations
  • Revenue by theater, by location, by equipment, by film titles
Download the full case study and learn how you can overcame similar challenges.

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