Client Case Study
Analytics for the Insurance Industry

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Data Analytics Audio Book

When you download the case study we’ll send you the audio book Data Analytics. Learn how you can use this intelligence to transform your business and gain insights into how managers can use data to drive their business.

Client Overview – Our client is one of the world’s largest insurance brokerage and risk management services firms. They provide a full range of retail and wholesale property/casualty (P/C) brokerage and alternative risk transfer services globally, as well as employee benefit brokerage, consulting and actuarial services.

Business Challenge – A major complication to our clients business is the fact that there was no centralized reporting system across the numerous offices. As a result, executives and Finance personnel cannot track country-wide revenue from a central data source – reporting is gathered from each office and manually consolidated using spreadsheets.

Download the full case study and learn how you can overcame similar challenges.

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