Qlik & Jedox are now integrated

IBM Exec Viewer Support Retired

9 Questions for Data Analytics

Tips for TM1 Proven Practices

During our training and integration projects on IBM’s TM1, we see some common challenges that many TM1 users, and admins face. One of those is the “persisted views” function. [...]

Machine Auditing of Financial Statements

In this months publication of CFO Magazine one article asks the question – “Can we trust the auditing of financial statements to artificial intelligence?” The articles [...]

2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence

Gartner’s BI Magic Quadrant for 2017 shows some real progression and trends in the BI software landscape and reveals where the market is going. These two Magic Quadrant graphics provide a [...]

Considering Financial Planning Analytics?

IBM’s Planning Analytics Local, previously known as TM1, offers a solution that sits on-premises and can be transitioned to Cloud. The application provides visual, cognitive and predictive [...]

Uncovering the hidden costs of Finance Inefficiency

How finance departments can significantly improve the closing process and realize unforeseen benefits THE OFFICE OF FINANCE: A SITUATION REVIEW Finance professionals suffer for at least a few [...]

4 Ways to Take Your Business From Surviving to Thriving

Now, more than ever before, scrutiny is being placed on the decisions made by executives and how they impact performance. So how can executives manage this scrutiny and help their teams do more [...]

TM1 SSL Cert Expires Nov 24, 2016

Where will you be this Thanksgiving when the SSL certificates that come with TM1 versions 10.1 – 10.2.2 expire? Unless those certificates are updated the application won’t be available over the [...]

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