IBM Exec Viewer Support Retired

If you are using IBM Cognos Executive Viewer (EV), support for the application will end on April 30th, 2017. Users looking to continue or extend Executive Viewer do have options.

IBM Cognos EV users will have some options to consider on April 30th when support for the application ends. Some of the options include:

The risks of operating unsupported applications on your vital enterprise architecture should be evident. We encourage all of our clients to seriously consider either upgrading to Workspace or transitioning to Cubus EV.

IBM’s Planning Analytics Workspace offers significant visualization enhancements to EV, along with Watson’s intuitive intelligence engine. Another option is Cubus EV. This option offers existing Cognos EV users the ability to maintain all the same feature, functions, and UI experience while maintaining support for the application through Cubus. In addition, Cubus EV Analytics is fully compatible with IBM Cognos Executive Viewer and supports IBM TM1 (Planning Analytics Local 2.0), Oracle Essbase and Microsoft Analysis Services.

These two short demo videos provide a good overview of both applications:



Find out which option is the best fit for your organization; contact us. We’ll give you a free assessment of your current environment, and insights on the total cost of ownership of both applications.