9 Questions for Data Analytics

The Analytics Data Challenge

For most companies harnessing and integrating data sources is demanding enough, never mind trying to layer in analytics for useful information from that data. Done right though, the benefits can be worth the effort. In fact – research shows that companies who are data-driven are consistently in the top third of their industry on average, and are more productive and profitable than their competitors.

9 Points to Consider for Data Readiness

Your assessment should have some basic outputs. Look to identify clear business values, prioritize your initial actions, ID any solution investments, and create a roadmap that prioritizes resources and investments while leveraging your current capabilities. To ensure your analytics initiatives are successful perform a data Q/A & readiness assessment that answers the following questions:

  1. Do you have the in-house skills to tackle data analytics?
  2. Is your team ready for possible changes based on new insights?
  3. Do you have the right technology in place?
  4. Is there a plan for mapping and migrating the relevant data streams for analytics scenarios?
  5. Is there a prioritized data roadmap?
  6. Have you considered data life-cycle management: origination, storage, usage and retirement?
  7. What are your security, access control and privacy requirements?
  8. What are your proposed architecture designs, and do they fit your data life-cycle and integration needs?
  9. Are you considering the long term costs of quality & support management, and do you understand the metrics needed to measure that?

These 9 questions may seem basic, but they reveal a lot about the organizations relevant experience, skills, processes, and priorities. Whenever we conduct these initial assessments the outputs from that include deployment scenarios for analytics, suggestions for infrastructure architecture, process optimization and a project roadmap. The result is a realistic benchmark of organizational readiness and understanding of the expected benefits from the initiative. We’ve also seen improvements in existing analytical applications by conducting these types of assessments.

Contact us to see if a data assessment could benefit your organization.

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