Considering Financial Planning Analytics?

IBM’s Planning Analytics Local, previously known as TM1, offers a solution that sits on-premises and can be transitioned to Cloud. The application provides visual, cognitive and predictive analytics capabilities.

Some of the latest advances include:

  • A self-service planning and analytics workspace that Finance can own to create dashboards & visualizations, link tactics with financial plans, and ID trends that improve decision management.
  • Data Discovery and Predictive Analytics that can provide insights from internal and external data.
  • Self-service modeling for analysis of dimensional data for more-granular analysis that goes deeper into the data to uncover insights.
  • Familiar Microsoft Excel functionality with all the capabilities of a modern planning and analytics solution. In-spreadsheet slice/dice/pivot and multiple modes of report design enable all user roles to leverage the power of Excel layout and formatting.
  • Built on IBM reliable TM1 solution, an in-memory multi-dimensional technology used by companies worldwide.

This short video provides a good snapshot of the applications capabilities. Contact Us to learn more about IBM’s Planning Analytics On-Premises and find out if the application is a fit for your organization.