The Company We Keep


We help our clients harness information from a wide range of sources, analyze it
in different ways, and uncover insights that has a profound effect on business.

Client Case Studies

Client Overview – Hunter Industries is a manufacturing company that provides high quality, efficient solutions for irrigation, outdoor lighting, and custom molding. Hunter is a market leader in producing a full range of solutions for residential, commercial, and golf course applications.

Business Challenge – With over 100 Cost Centers, CAPEX, and OPEX plans, managing labor and capital planning was a time consuming annual process that constrained the company’s ability to move away from annual planning models to a rolling-forecast model.

Client Overview – A $3 billion pharmaceutical company that focuses on the development and distribution of trusted generic and specialty pharmaceuticals.

Business Challenge – Due to our clients global operations they receive payments from approximately thirty difference currencies. Using manual, Excel-driven reports they could not provide visibility into specific subsidiaries across product categories or currencies. And, because their data is generated through two different programs – SAP and JD Edwards, and they did not have a common chart of accounts.

Life Sciences
Manufacturing Analytics

Client Overview – Our client is a broad-based Life Sciences company devoted to discovering new medicines, new technologies and new ways to manage health. The company employees over 74,000, in the more than 150 countries.

Business Challenge – One of the greatest risks and cost contributors to the life sciences industry are recalls issued by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Whether you’re a consumer, health care organization or pharmaceutical company, recalls foster anxiety, create rapid cost overruns and impact consumer loyalty.