Leadership and Purpose

Our people and personality quickly differentiate us from other firms, but it is our pursuit of
excellence professionally and personally that make us unique.

At Data41 relationships are the cornerstone of our personal and professional philosophy because companies don’t do business with other companies, they do business with people first and foremost. We believe that lasting relationships are formed through common interest and experiences that go beyond work. That’s why we promote our teams diversity of interests professionally and personally. This is the reason that the core of our culture is the concept of balancing one’s personal and professional life. At the end of the day, people want to work with people they like and respect. At Data41 that philosophy permeates from our founder and CEO, consultants, and interns.

Hans Mize – CEO & Founder

The vision at Data41 has always been to create a company built upon a strong culture; one that values each individual and enables the realization of their full personal and professional potential.  As the Founder and CEO of Data41, Hans Mize has pursued this vision as the bedrock of serving our clients and building healthy, sustainable relationships. Hans’ strong relationship development talents led him into client facing management roles where he spent the majority of his career in Analytics, ERP, and Supply Chain Management solutions.  This body of experience was the catalyst for founding Data41. Hans holds a Business Administration degree in Management Information Systems from the Price School of Business at the University of Oklahoma (Norman, OK).  Yes, he is a diehard Sooner!