What’s New In Microsoft SQL 2016

SQL Server 2016 marks the largest update to SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) since its inception. Microsoft has gone about modernizing their reporting platform while integrating functionality from their recent acquisition of Datazen and the new PowerBI platform.

The biggest of these changes include:

  • A new modern HTML 5 web portal for SSRS in native mode.
    • In addition to its more modern look the portal can be customized with logos and coloring to better integrate company branding.
  • SSRS now supports 3 different reporting categories/types:
    • KPI’s (merged functionality from Datazen purchase)
    • Mobile reports (merged functionality from Datazen purchase)
    • Paginated reports (traditional SSRS reports).

KPI’s can be pinned to the new web portal and can be used to drill for more detail.  This allows the front page of the SSRS portal to act as a dashboard and give quick insights into company performance.

Mobile reports offer new slick visuals and support for a variety of devices and screen sizes.  SSRS Mobile reports can be made available in the Microsoft PowerBI mobile app as well.

Paginated reports are traditional SSRS reports with newly added Tree Map and Sunburst chart options. Some SSRS report objects can now be pinned in PowerBI.

Additional notable upgrades

  • Improvements to subscriptions
  • Rendering and export to PowerPoint
  • Reports can be embedded in other websites and applications